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Chirimoya Information

Scientific name: Annona cherimola Mill

I. Nutritive value (quantity by 100g sample)

Energy (Kcal) 87.00
Water (%) 75.10
Potassium (g) 26.40
Protein (g) 1.30
Total carb. (g) 22.60
Fiber (g) 1.50

II. Preparation process

The fruit has been selected, washed, peeled and frozen by the system of static tunnel by forced air, obtaining a stable temperature of -7.6 F in the thermal center of the product. Citric and ascorbic acid are added to keep the natural color.

III. Physical characteristics

Color White typical
Flavor Characteristic
Texture Smooth
Temperature -7.6 F

IV. Application

Chirimoya’s pulp is used mostly to elaborate Chirimoya Ice Cream, Yogurts, juice, drinks, Chirimoya’s jam, and all kind of desserts on the basis of this fruit.

V. Chemical characteristics (quantity by 100g sample)

PH 3.50 — 4.20
Brix 18° — 23°
Iron (mg) 0.5
Asorbic acid (mg) 4.30
Calcium (mg) 20.00
Phosphorus (mg) 63.00
Riboflavin (mg) 0.14

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